Michael Gove gets a tongue-lashing from ‘showboating’ Piers Morgan

Written by Rod Muir on 19 June 2017 in Diary

Watch: The Tory MP struggled to tame the TV presenter

Michael Gove looked shocked this morning when Piers Morgan told him: "I don’t give a damn what you think."

The loudmouth TV presenter may have been speaking many for voters up and down the country when he laid into the newly-appointed environment secretary.

The pair were locking horns over the Government’s response to the Grenfell Tower tragedy.

The Government has announced a £5m support package for survivors, but the response has been criticised as too slow.

On GMB this morning Morgan asserted: "If I’m in one of these tower blocks I want a sprinkler system and I want it done immediately!"

But Gove called on him to calm down: "It doesn’t help anyone if we allow emotion to cloud reason at this point."

And then at just before 7.05am exchange got really lively.


Gove: "You have a responsibility… to look coolly at this situation and not to try to be theatrical."

Morgan: "You know what, you can stick your coolness where the sun don’t shine…."

Gove: "I don’t think language like that is appropriate when we’re reflecting on a situation like this."

Morgan: "I don’t give a damn what you think."

Gove: "Don’t you?"

Morgan: "No."

Gove: "Well why do you invite me on your programme?"


Moments later, Gove said Morgan was "deliberately seeking to heighten the temperature" and urged the TV presenter to avoid "rhetorical showboating exercises".

But Morgan insisted: "It's not showboating Michael!... These are legitimate questions that you should be asked as a cabinet minister and you shouldn't be getting all touchy about the way I emotionally phrase my questions."



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