Where are they now? Barry Legg

by Paul Linford / 14 Dec 2011

The brief parliamentary career of an IDS supporter and eurosceptic

Where are they now? Melanie Johnson

by Paul Linford / 14 Sep 2011

Paul Linford follows the career of the former Treasury minister

Where are they now? David Lock

Where are they now? David Lock

by Paul Linford / 15 Jun 2011

Paul Linford follows the short career of the eminent barrister

Where are they now: Dave Nellist

by Paul Linford / 17 Dec 2010

A 1980s socialist firebrand

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Where are they now: Rod Richards

by Paul Linford / 29 Oct 2010

The former MP and Welsh Assembly Member's unhappy fall from grace

Where are they now: Sir Jeremy Hanley

by Paul Linford / 20 Aug 2010

The man who was supposed to restore the fortunes of John Major, but who had a tendency to slip on political banana-skins

Where are they now: Graham Riddick

by Paul Linford / 18 Jun 2010

This victim of a newspaper sting lost his seat following the cash for questions scandal, as Paul Linford reportsSo-called newspaper stings have been in the news of late, what with the downfall of Football Association chairman Lord Triesman over his bribery claims, followed by the cash for access allegations involving the Duchess of York.

Where are they now: Rupert Allason

by Paul Linford / 16 Apr 2010

Paul Linford on the junior member of a unique father and son partnership of Conservative parliamentariansWhile Rupert Allason's father James led a distinguished political career, his son's ended somewhat ignominiously.

Where are they now: Linda Bellos

by Paul Linford / 19 Feb 2010

Paul Linford writes about one of the fieriest members of the ‘loony left' from Lambeth council in the 1980s There are very few council leaders these days who are household names outside of their own households - but back in the days when councils had real power, it was a different story.

Where are they now: Eric Moonman

by Paul Linford / 18 Dec 2009

Paul Linford on a former MP whose fame rests much more on his expertise on terrorism than what he did in Parliament Few people under the age of 40 will remember Eric Moonman.

Where are they now? Sir Ivan Lawrence

Where are they now? Sir Ivan Lawrence

by Paul Linford / 06 Oct 2011

Paul Linford on the career of an MP and distinguished barrister

Where are they now? Les Huckfield

Where are they now? Les Huckfield

by Paul Linford / 14 Jul 2011

Paul Linford takes a look at the career of a founding member of the Socialist Campaign Group

Where are they now: Gerry Malone

Where are they now: Gerry Malone

by Paul Linford / 25 Jan 2011

A Conservative MP who challenged his election result in 1997 and lost

Where are they now: Alan Amos

Where are they now: Alan Amos

by Paul Linford / 22 Nov 2010

The very distinctive career path of a former Conservative MP and now Labour councillor 

Where are they now: Walter Harrison

by Paul Linford / 17 Sep 2010

A Labour whip who made the famously tough decision on a crucial vote for Jim Callaghan Walter Harrison never became a departmental minister.

Where are they now: Ian Wrigglesworth,

by Paul Linford / 23 Jul 2010

Paul Linford on the mastermind behind the launch of the SDP who went on to champion business and the arts in his native north-east For all its reputation as a Labour heartland, the north-east of England by and large managed to steer clear of the loony leftism that afflicted London, Liverpool and some other metropolitan areas in the mid-1980s.

Where are they now: Jackie Ballard

by Paul Linford / 21 May 2010

Paul Linford writes about the former Lib Dem MP who went from would-be party leader to chief executive of the RSPCAFew politicians have made such an entrance to national politics as Jackie Ballard, the former Liberal Democrat MP for Taunton who was elected in the 1997 ‘mini landslide' that saw her party's representation in the Commons go from 23 to 52 MPs.

Where are they now: James Allason

by Paul Linford / 19 Mar 2010

Paul Linford on the little-remembered 97-year-old who invented the policy of selling council houses to tenantsPolitics and longevity do not always go together.

Where are they now: Sir Neville Trotter

by Paul Linford / 22 Jan 2010

Paul Linford reveals the wonderfully named Conservative MP who served the monarch after representing Tynemouth for 23 years In a parliamentary career spanning 23 years, Trotter gained a reputation as a solid backbench figure with a special expertise in defence matters, without ever quite managing to set the Thames on fire.

Where are they now: Christopher Brocklebank-fowler

by Paul Linford / 20 Nov 2009

Was the MP who defected from the Conservatives to the SDP before finally joining Labour highly principled or merely disloyal, asks Paul LinfordDepending on your point of view, Christopher Brocklebank-Fowler was either one of the bravest and most principled politicians of the last three decades, or a serial defector for whom disloyalty was second nature.

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