The speech you aren't supposed to remember

by Caroline Crampton / 27 Sep 2011

Ed Miliband's speech to Labour Party conference was heavy on values but light on detail

Ed Balls doesn't quite get it right

by Caroline Crampton / 26 Sep 2011

In his speech to Labour Party conference, shadow chancellor Ed Balls attempts a more nuanced line on the economy but doesn't quite pull it off

No 'easy passage' for health reforms in the Lords

by Caroline Crampton / 20 Sep 2011

Shirley Williams issues a warning to the Lib Dem leadership and the coalition that the Health and Social Care Bill could be in for a rough ride in the House of Lords

A party of power - Lib Dem conference predictions

by Caroline Crampton / 17 Sep 2011

The junior coalition party will use their autumn conference to show how much influence they have in government in an attempt to placate members bruised by local election results

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PMQs: an angry David Cameron comes out to play

PMQs: an angry David Cameron comes out to play

by Caroline Crampton / 14 Sep 2011

The poor unemployment figures announced this morning dominated prime minister's questions today, with David Cameron appearing to get riled

Review: Jane Eyre

by Caroline Crampton / 08 Sep 2011

A new film adaptation of Charlotte Brontë’s novel stays surprisingly fresh

Bursting bubbles

Bursting bubbles

by Caroline Crampton / 30 Aug 2011

Caroline Crampton dons wellies and mac and heads for the new debating forum – the tents of the Latitude Festival

Angry Birds lessons for the Lords?

Angry Birds lessons for the Lords?

by Caroline Crampton / 17 Aug 2011

The Lords are now allowed to use iPads in the Chamber, and they thought they might need a bit of tutoring first...

The Olympic challenge

The Olympic challenge

by Caroline Crampton / 05 Aug 2011

Tanni Grey-Thompson – now Baroness Grey-Thompson DBE – is settling into her role in the House of Lords. But she is not getting too comfortable, there’s a great deal of work to do, as she tells Caroline Crampton

Storing up inequality for the future

by Caroline Crampton / 14 Jul 2011

Cuts to the public sector mean that more women than ever before are claiming job seekers’ allowance. Getting more women in politics and protecting against future inequality in the workplace has never been more important

Ivan Lewis’ push-pull relationship with Sky

by Caroline Crampton / 27 Sep 2011

Labour’s shadow culture secretary slams his party’s relationship with the Murdoch media empire, but will appear at a Sky-sponsored event this evening

Labour’s love affair with their lost leader

by Caroline Crampton / 25 Sep 2011

David Miliband might have lost the leadership contest, but his appearance at Labour conference was more rock star than defeated candidate

The price of being in government

The price of being in government

by Caroline Crampton / 19 Sep 2011

When Clegg visited, we had to take down our poster advertising his biography in case it made him look too egotistical

Why Ed should, and will, welcome The Purple Book

Why Ed should, and will, welcome The Purple Book

by Caroline Crampton / 15 Sep 2011

Ignore the talk of 'reheated Blairism' and infighting. The Purple Book is a solid contribution to Labour's future, especially on the economy

Lib Dems won't be able to vote on health at conference

Lib Dems won't be able to vote on health at conference

by Caroline Crampton / 12 Sep 2011

The Federal Conference Committee has rejected proposals for delegates to vote on NHS reform - instead it will be debated as an 'emergency motion'

Lunch with... Michael Crick

Lunch with... Michael Crick

by Caroline Crampton / 31 Aug 2011

Caroline Crampton takes Newsnight’s erstwhile political pundit out for lunch

Clegg: ‘The genie is out of the bottle’

by Caroline Crampton / 22 Aug 2011

The deputy prime minister hails the explosion of the 'myth' that foreign policy courting autocratic leaders at the price of stability is the way forward

Why Duncan Hames is one to watch

by Caroline Crampton / 16 Aug 2011

The Lib Dem MP for Chippenham and new PPS to Chris Huhne is an MP worth watching - he's on the rise

Brooks resigns - is this a Murdoch apology?

by Caroline Crampton / 15 Jul 2011

Rebekah Brooks has resigned to be able to have the time to give her 'full cooperation' to phone hacking investigations. What is she going to say to the culture committee that is so toxic she couldn't stay in her post?

PMQs: In which Cameron gets personal

by Caroline Crampton / 13 Jul 2011

In an exchange dominated by phone hacking, the prime minister makes a strong attempt to salvage his damaged reputation

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