Ed Miliband will not be the next PM

Ed Miliband will not be the next PM

by Francesca Preece / 20 Jun 2012

Ed Miliband as the next inhabitant of No 10? About likely as him finding Elvis on Mars, argues Francesca Preece

The British stiff upper lip attitude to mental health can't continue

by Francesca Preece / 02 May 2012

Francesca Preece, whose brother was failed by the state school system for having a learning disability, explains why she feels mental health is so often neglected and derided in society

Ed should be posing with ‘old crusties’ not fresh pasties

by Francesca Preece / 29 Mar 2012

Francesca Preece wonders why politicians are squabbling over pastygate while leaving more pressing concerns ignored

It’s time to stop giving the Indian elephant our ‘peanuts’

It’s time to stop giving the Indian elephant our ‘peanuts’

by Francesca Preece / 06 Feb 2012

Francesca Preece argues that we should rethink our aid packages to developing countries

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Why Scotland should remain part of the union, by a former sceptic

Why Scotland should remain part of the union, by a former sceptic

by Francesca Preece / 13 Jan 2012

Francesca Preece says Scotland’s hasty exit from the UK in 2014 should be avoided at all costs

Why should taxpayers pay for the vanity of the Bercows?

by Francesca Preece / 01 Dec 2011

Francesca Preece asks why the Bercows are allowed to continue to make a mockery of the Commons

Our personal liberties are up in smoke

Our personal liberties are up in smoke

by Francesca Preece / 16 Nov 2011

Non-smoker Francesca Preece rails against plans to ban smoking in cars

MPs, It's time 'EU' listen to the people

MPs, It's time 'EU' listen to the people

by Francesca Preece / 26 Oct 2011

Still reeling from the EU referendum that never was, Francesca Preece argues why politicians should remember that they are there to represent the wishes of the people, not their own

Politicians should have substance over style

by Francesca Preece / 12 Oct 2011

As the ‘Queen of Shops’, Mary Portas, attacks Westminster’s women for their lack of style, Francesca Preece argues that  female MPs need to smarten up their act and not their wardrobe

The Lib Dems have missed an opportunity to turn their fate around

by Francesca Preece / 21 Sep 2011

Francesca Preece argues that this conference, with its assertions of 'independence' from ministers, has proved that the Lib Dems are unfit for office

The government has forgotten about those in the middle

by Francesca Preece / 18 May 2012

As Hammersmith and Fulham Council announces plans to stop those earning £40,200 from being able to have a council house, Francesca Preece argues that the lower middle class are being poorly treated

The Lib Dems stumble while UKIP surge

by Francesca Preece / 18 Apr 2012

Nigel Farage's party is going from strength to strength, but will their success be at the expense of the Lib Dems?

We need to wean benefit Brits off the state

by Francesca Preece / 07 Mar 2012

As voters say they support reducing child benefit eligibility, Francesca Preece argues why this is finally a Cameron policy she supports

Freedom to raise children without interference

by Francesca Preece / 30 Jan 2012

Francesca Preece argues why David Lammy's view on the riots smacks of the truth

What do Cameron and Miliband have in common?

by Francesca Preece / 07 Dec 2011

Francesca Preece finds unexpected parallels between the two leaders, and argues that Labour should adopt a very Tory policy and cut out their dead wood

At least one person knows how to deal with the strikes (…and it’s not David, Nick or Ed)

by Francesca Preece / 24 Nov 2011

Francesca Preece argues why failing to deal with union action may be another sign that David Cameron isn’t up to the job

Why do our MPs think they know best?

by Francesca Preece / 09 Nov 2011

Unless MPs pay attention to them, ePetitions are nothing more than window dressing, argues Francesca Preece

What the EU vote could do to Cameron (and UKIP)

What the EU vote could do to Cameron (and UKIP)

by Francesca Preece / 21 Oct 2011

Francesca Preece warns David Cameron that if he goes ahead with his bully-boy tactics over the EU vote, he will set in motion the fall from grace of the Conservatives and the rise of UKIP

How do EU know what the public want, Cameron?

by Francesca Preece / 05 Oct 2011

As David Cameron rules out a referendum on our membership of the EU, Francesca Preece argues that the prime minister needs an education he cannot buy, in listening to the public.

Judge MPs on their actions in the present, not the past

by Francesca Preece / 14 Sep 2011

As the chancellor faces more allegations about his past, Francesca Preece explains why what happens in a person’s past should remain there

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