The serious and silly uses of epetitions

Written by The silly: on 12 August 2011 in Diary
E-petitions have caused a fair deal of controversy recently, but how is the website actually being used by the public?

The serious:

Create a codified constitution and a bill of rights.

The time has come for the UK to adopt a codified constitution and a bill of rights. I want this government to sit down with representatives with every political party, every devolved government in the UK and every local government and negotiate a codified constitution and a bill of rights that the majority of the public is happy with.

Number of signatures: 1

Limit the wage of the head of any public/local body to that of the Prime Minister

To limit the pay of all heads of any public body quango or local authority to ensure it does not exceed that of the sitting prime minister and to reduce pro rata the pay of any executives working below the heads. To ensure the pay does not and can not exceed that of the sitting prime minister.

Number of signatures: 87

Abolition or Reformation of the Press Complaints Commission

The PCC's impotency has been demonstrated numerous times over the last few years (e.g. Max Mosley, the McCans, Christopher Jeffries), culminating in its inability to control the recent phone hacking scandal. It is time for a genuinely independent regulatory body to take control of a industry which is rapidly deteriorating into a vicious and destructive influence in this country.

Number of signatures: 3

Support British agriculture with regulated minimum prices

Everyone must eat but the producers of the food often struggle to earn a living. This cannot be right. For all agricultural and horticultural products the growers must receive a guaranteed minimum percentage of the final retail price - this might vary from product to product and be reviewed annually by an independent impartial body. This would stop middle men and retailers exploiting producers and reverse the decline of British agriculture.

Number of signatures: 2

Free Prescriptions for Students

A petition to allow students to receive free prescriptions. Currently young people up until the age of 16, or 18 if in full time education are eligible to receive free prescriptions. As well as people over the age of 60 or people on income support. However it seems unfair that a student, who is not earning, would therefore have to pay for prescriptions once they reach the age of 19. The government should therefore consider allowing students and anyone in higher education to receive free prescriptions.

Number of signatures: 4

To change the National Anthem to the hymn "Jerusalem".

A petition to change the anthem played during English International sporting events to the hymn "Jerusalem" and to keep "God Save The Queen" as a UK anthem. Jerusalem is played before England Cricket test matches and some UK athletes prefer to have Jerusalem played when they are receiving medals on the podium. Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland all have individual national anthems which are truly moving, inspirational and highlight how great their country is so why shouldn't England have one too?

Number of signatures: 19

Soak rioters with fluorescent dye.

Encourage the police to use water cannons, loaded with fluorescent dye, to control, identify, prosecute - and also cause embarrassment to - rioters.

Number of signatures: 204

Use the spare bedrooms of Buckingham Palace to house homeless people in London.

There is a chronic undersupply of housing in London such that some people have to go without anywhere to live. However, the Queen is given an inexplicable number of spare bedrooms. We call on the government to force this surplus to be used to help people who need a roof over their head.

Number of signatures: 5

Signage in Saxonish in the South Country.

The Ministry of Tourism to encourage the display of bi-lingual signs in National English and the Saxonish dialect throughout the South and West of England as bilingual signs in English and Welsh are displayed in Wales

Number of signatures: 2

Compulsory IQ tests for politicians.

All politicians should have to undergo compulsory IQ tests and if those tests result in a score of under 75 then those politicians should be expelled from office.

Number of signatures: 15



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