Nicola Sturgeon's sofa photo draws ridicule as indyref tensions rise

Written by James Millar on 31 March 2017 in Diary

Theresa May will receive Scottish First Minister's letter today asking for talks to start the referendum process 

Nicola Sturgeon's joined in the letter writing craze among politicians this week with her missive demanding talks on a second Scottish independence referendum delivered to Downing Street today.

The Scottish government last night tweeted a picture of the First Minister on the couch in her official residence apparently putting the finishing touches to the letter. The Scottish parliament voted 69-59 on Tuesday to give her the authority to ask the Westminster government for a Section 30 order. That's the piece of legislation necessary to trigger an independence referendum. On March 13 Sturgeon surprised Scottish politics by announcing she wanted a poll on Scottish separation before summer 2019. However PM Theresa May has refused to entertain the request, repeatedly insisting that "now is not the time". 

The fact that Sturgeon has not waited to send her letter to Number 10 will further ramp up tensions between London and Edinburgh.

The photo, in which Sturgeon is perched with her legs casually tucked beneath her on the sofa, is a clear counterpoint to the formal shot issued by Downing Street earlier in the week of Theresa May sat at a desk signing her letter to EU Council chief Donald Tusk that triggered Brexit. Body language experts have praised the pose for showing the First Minister's 'human side'.

However the photo of Sturgeon on her sofa drew ridicule and some interesting comparisons on the internet.

Scottish Tory leader Ruth Davidson tweeted that the pose was reminiscent of a 1980's picture of Margaret Thatcher in Number 10



Meanwhile Labour peer Lord Foulkes went for mockery



Sturgeon has promised to set out her next steps after Easter if Theresa May continues to ignore her demand for talks. She has accused the Tories of "jaw-dropping hypocrisy and arrogance" and warned she is "determined that democracy will prevail".  Her options include holding a referendum without the proper legal authority but it looks likely she will attempt to delay the Conservatives Brexit legislation. Her spokesman warned yesterday that any attempt in David Davis' Great Repeal Bill to diminish the powers of the Scottish Parliament would be resisted. However Theresa May says Holyrood will end up with more powers at the end of the Brexit process.

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