Mark Reckless says goodbye to Ukip - and Kippers blame Douglas Carswell

Written by David Singleton on 6 April 2017 in Diary

Reckless is joining the Conservative group in the Welsh assembly, but he is not rejoining the party nationally.

When he quit Ukip last month, Douglas Carswell said he was doing so because it was "job done".

Two weeks later, Mark Reckless is following in his close pal’s footsteps – and even borrowing his language.

"For me it is job done now that Article 50 has been triggered," stated the former Tory MP.

The Conservatives confirmed that while Reckless had joined the party's group in the Welsh Assembly - making them the second largest party after Labour - he had not actually rejoined the party.

Reckless and Carswell were both seen as being on the liberal wing of Ukip, as opposed to the Nigel Farage wing. But it was always Carswell who Farage and his allies hated the most.

So as new of Reckless’ defection emerged, Farage suggested that Carswell was to blame.

He told Press Association: "I have always liked Mark Reckless, but if he thinks he can just leave after being elected on a list system that is very dishonourable behaviour ... He is clearly close to Douglas Carswell, I guess some kind of pressure’s been put on him."

Then Ukip donor Arron Banks suggested in tweet that Reckless’s resignation statement might have been penned by Carswell and Ukip MEP Daniel Hannan.





When Reckless announced in 2014 that he was leaving the Tories to join Ukip, then prime minister David Cameron revealed his frustration – by accusing Reckless of betraying activists who worked to get his "fat arse" on the Commons benches.

It seems unlikely that vicar's daughter Theresa May would ever use the same language about Reckless.

But just to make sure, the former Tory MP went out his way to express his support for the prime minister.

He stated in his letter: "I campaigned all my adult life for us to leave the EU. Now we are, under a Conservative government. I support Theresa May, and her team of Brexit ministers, to deliver."







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