Arch-remainer Andrew Adonis says no to being the British Macron

Written by David Singleton on 16 February 2018 in Diary

The New Labour politician has been described as the 'centrist’s centrist' - and the ideal person to lead a Macron-style movement in the UK.

"I love being called an ‘arch remainer’! Badge of honour. Like being called a ‘true believer,’ a ‘staunch European’ & a ‘fierce partisan.’ No point being the wishy-washy opposite!"

So declared the increasingly vocal Labour peer and staunch Blairite Andrew Adonis this week.

Around the same time as that declaration, the former Labour cabinet minister went to war with the BBC over its Brexit coverage, branding the corporation "now just a noticeboard for government and Farage press releases".

Along with the likes of Mark Malloch Brown, Alastair Campbell and Gina Miller, Adonis is also one of the key players in the Best for Britain group which is pushing ahead with a major anti-Brexit publicity drive after securing funding from the billionaire George Soros.

All of which has led to the suggestion by one leading commentator that Adonis should do a Macron.

"Andrew Adonis is perfectly placed to lead a Macron style revolution from the centre," ran the headline of a piece by Chris Deerin for the New Statesman.

The author wrote: "If anyone might be expected to get involved in the creation of a new centrist party, it’s Adonis. He is, in many ways, the centrist’s centrist… You have to put yourself forward if you want to be lucky. The centre needs some heroes. Andrew Adonis should be one of them."

But alas Adonis is refusing to take up the mantle that was last held by former Daily Mail political editor-turned George Osborne adviser James Chapman.

"Thanks for compliment but I’m Labour," he stated on Twitter this morning. "Britain needs to stop Brexit & tackle today’s social crisis (housing, NHS, education) with passion of the Attlee Govt after 1945 - & without scapegoating Europe & foreigners. That’s my mission!"

So the search goes on…





Picture by: Jonathan Brady/PA Archive/PA Images

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