Andy Burnham does it again with a fresh round of flip-flopping

Written by Dods staff on 5 September 2018 in Diary

Now he appears to have changed his mind about second Brexit referendum.

Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham is a man not unfamiliar with accusations of flip-floppery.

During his 2015 Labour leadership bid, Burnham was repeatedly accused of political opportunism on topics ranging from the role of big business, whether he would give Jeremy Corbyn a job and whether he would give interviews to The Sun.

Most damaging of all was his apparent flip-flop on Tory plans to slash welfare expenditure by £12bn. "We cannot simply abstain," he told his party – just minutes after abstaining in a vote on the measures in the Welfare Reform and Work Bill.

Acknowledging his gaffe, Burnham later told the Guardian: “It’s been the defining moment of this campaign so far – and defining for me in an unhelpful way."

More recently the flip floppery appeared to have stopped. But now reports have emerged that Burnham is open to a second referendum on Brexit. In a speech today, he was set to say that a fresh vote may be necessary if "we are left on the cliff-edge of No Deal with no other options".

It comes a week after Burnham told Politico why he was sceptical about a second referendum on Brexit:

“My frustration with those leaping to a second referendum is it further inflames this idea of an arrogant political class, which isn’t listening and isn’t dealing with the issues that gave rise to the referendum in the first place.”

Welcome back Andy, we've missed you.


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