Peter Hain - Labour MP for Neath

Peter Hain was born in Nairobi, Kenya in 1950 to South African parents. His mother was of British settler descent and his paternal grandparents had emigrated from Glasgow during the 1920s. Hain's family were forced to leave South Africa in 1966 because of their anti-apartheid activism and settled in Putney. Hain himself organised protests against South African sports teams visiting the UK before joining the Labour Party in 1977.

Virendra Sharma - Labour MP for Ealing Southall

Sharma moved to Ealing from India in 1968 and worked as a bus conductor. He then went on to study at the London School of Economics on a Trade Union Scholarship. Sharma served as a councillor in Ealing for 25 years including a term as Mayor before becoming an MP in a byelection in 2007. He speaks fluent Punjabi, Hindi and Urdu.

Lembit Öpik - Liberal Democrat MP for Montgomeryshire

Öpik was born in County Down, Northern Ireland in 1965 but his family originate from Estonia. His parents, an academic and an industrialist, fled with their children to Northern Ireland via the Midlands to escape persecution when Stalin and the Soviet Union annexed Estonia. Lembit is actively interested in his Estonian heritage as he serves as vicechair of the Estonia All-Party Parliamentary group. He believes his Estonia heritage is important because he "grew up in a highly politicised family, my parents left their home because of politics and some of my family lost their lives because of it".

Gisela Stuart - Labour MP for Birmingham Edgbaston

Stuart was born in Velden, Bavaria in West Germany. Her father is Bavarian and her mother comes from what was Czechoslovakia. Stuart arrived in the UK during the Three Day week in the winter of 1973-1974 and worked in a university bookshop in Manchester to improve her English. She graduated from the London School of economics in 1993 and believes she is "German by birth but British by choice".

Daniel Kawczynski - Conservative MP for Shrewsbury and Atcham

Although Kawczynski was born in Surrey, his grandfather was Polish and his family came to the UK in 1940 after the German invasion. Kawczynski has kept his Polish surname but due to its diffi cult pronounciation prefers to be known as Daniel. He is the chairman of the Conservative Friends of Poland and treasurer of the Poland All-Party Parliament group.

David and Ed Miliband - Labour MPs for South Shields and Doncaster North

Born in London, the Milibands' parents were both Polish. Their mother moved from Poland to the UK after the Second World War and their father was the Marxist theorist Ralph Miliband. As a Polish Jew living in Belgium, Ralph was forced to flee his home in 1940 as Hitler's army moved across the country. Ralph and his father Samuel managed to catch a boat for the UK settling in London as refugees. David describes himself as "one of the million Britons who have Polish blood" and has "an admiration for the strength of the Polish spirit".

Patricia Hewitt - Labour MP for Leicester West

Patricia is one of only a handful of cabinet ministers to hold dual nationality, as although she has lived in Britain for many years she was actually born in Canberra, Australia. The daughter of a chairman of the Qantas airline, Patricia left Australia in 1967 to study at Cambridge University. From then on Hewitt never left the UK as marriage, career and friends all proved irresistible". She maintains her Australian heritage is vital as: "growing up on the other side of the world has made me more instinctively global in my outlook - and also made me prone to challenge aspects of Britain that I found unjust or simply out of date."