When the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (IPSA) is mentioned to MPs, they react in two different ways. One is that IPSA doesn’t work and should be scrapped. Another is that MPs must accept that the public holds no sympathy whatsoever for complaints following the expenses scandal and IPSA will remain a feature of their working lives whether they like it or not.

Now, Total Politics can reveal the true level of dislike for the watchdog. MPs loathe IPSA. The vast majority of MPs, nearly 80 per cent, believe that IPSA is doing a bad job. Close to half of MPs also believe that IPSA has got worse at auditing expenses since it was created in 2010. The figure is far higher than those who believe it is doing a better job.

These results show quite what a poor relationship exists between Parliament and the expenses watchdog. There have been complaints about IPSA’s bureaucratic approach that takes up considerable time, the way it handles claims queries and the training given by IPSA for the unique and lengthy claiming process. As this ComRes survey reveals, these issues have led to a serious collapse in confidence from MPs on IPSA’s ability to fulfill its role.

ComRes survey of 152 MPs

Results in full:

Do you believe that the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority does a good or bad job?

Total    Con    Labour    Lib Dem    Other
9%        8%    9%            10%           26%

Total    Con    Labour    Lib Dem    Other
77%    82%    80%         61%           36%

Do you believe IPSA is better or worse able to fulfil the role of overseeing, administrating and regulating MPs’ expenses since May 2010?

Total    Con    Labour    Lib Dem    Other
34%    28%   42%         32%            31%

Total    Con    Labour    Lib Dem    Other
48%    52%    44%         46%           44%

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