Vince Cable's been naughty... with a gun

21 July 2017

Cable spent his first day as Lib Dem leader talking up comparisons to Emmanuel Macron despite being neither French nor young

Kae Kurd: Comedians must be quicker to cope with our crazy politics

20 July 2017

As the Edinburgh Fringe approaches comics' topical jokes are out of date as soon as they think of them

Lord Patten slags 'megaspads' and calls for a cull

20 July 2017

Former cabinet minister went spare at special advisers claiming they boss ministers and foster civil war within government

Lenny Henry tells MPs to sort out media's 'fake diversity'

19 July 2017

David Lammy invited the ground-breaking comedian to the Commons to discuss representation in the media

The SNP's Hannah Bardell goes football crazy in the Commons

19 July 2017

The MP for Livingston flouted Commons dress rules to show her support for Scotland ahead of big match tonight

James Millar: Jeremy Corbyn must choose his friends carefully

19 July 2017

With his MPs no longer out to get him the Labour leader faces a moment of truth this summer

Former Europe minister Caroline Flint tells Labour to 'embrace Brexit'

18 July 2017

Former Europe minister Caroline Flint has urged her Labour colleagues to stop predicting Brexit will fail and 'embrace' it. 

Jeremy Corbyn cancels the summer holidays

18 July 2017

The Labour leader is still in campaigning mode and wants his MPs on the doorsteps too

Rebecca Long-Bailey parrots Tory lines in difficult interview

17 July 2017

Shadow business secretary tipped for Labour's top job struggled with Andrew Neil's interrogation

Theatre review: Committee... (A New Musical)

14 July 2017

It is disturbing to see yourself played on stage by someone who has capably learned some of your mannerisms.