David Davis positions himself as the stupid superman of Brexit

Written by David Singleton on 11 December 2017 in Diary

Watch: The Brexit secretary said he did not have to be 'very clever' to do his job.

David Davis has a retracted his controversial suggestion that the UK could back out of the commitments it had made on the Irish border.

After alarming the Irish government with his comments on The Andrew Marr Show yesterday, the Brexit secretary told LBC today that journalists had misinterpreted him: “They’ve completely twisted my words, I’m afraid.”

And in what looked like a cunning attempt to disguise his full retreat, the Brexit secretary also offered up a couple of amazing alternative newslines while chatting to Nick Ferrari.

Asked about the breakfast meeting in Brussels on Friday, David said he had not only seen orange juice and not champagne.

"You probably don’t know, I can’t drink orange juice. It’s poison to me. It’s my Kryptonite," he added.

The revelation prompted one lobby journalist to brand Davis “the superman of Brexit”. Writing on Twitter, Bloomberg's Robert Hutton added: "Wait until Lex Barnier hears about *this*. Expect a mysterious break-in at the Del Monte factory in the coming days."

But the Brexit secretary’s bid to seen as superman was significantly undermined by his other major revelation - that he could get away with being stupid.

“What’s the requirement of my job? I don’t have to be very clever. I don’t have to know that much. I just do have to be calm,” he joked.







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