Emma Dent Coad puts her foot in it again with 'ugly' Theresa May jibe

Written by David Singleton on 27 November 2017 in Diary

The Labour MP said she was 'making a joke from a Roald Dahl thing'.

Emma Dent Coad has not quite been free from controversy in the five months since she was elected as Labour MP for Kensington.

At a Labour conference fringe event she unwisely mocked Prince Harry’s military record. More recently she got into trouble for an old blog post which described black Tory candidate Shaun Bailey as the party’s “token ghetto boy”.

And now Dent Coad has further burnished her reputation for clumsy political posturing - by sharing a post which implies Theresa May is ugly.

The Labour MP took to Twitter on Sunday night to share a meme with pictures of Jeremy Corbyn and Theresa May, accompanied by words from Roald Dahl.

“A person with good thoughts cannot ever be ugly,” it said under the flattering photo of the Labour leader.

“If a person has ugly thought, it begins to show on the face,” it said under the less flattering photo of the prime minister.



Dent Coad retweeted the message saying, "Love this."

After the predictable backlash, the MP defended the post, telling Sky News: “It's a joke. It's Roald Dahl. The things I've had thrown at me over the last five months you would not believe. I've four rounds of death threats. It is ugly.

"You know making a joke from a Roald Dahl thing, I think is pretty minor compared to what some people get up to every day."

Naturally, Tory MPs did not agree. “Oh dear Jeremy Corbyn, I think she needs another one of your little chats,” said one of their number, Steve Double.

And Hugo Swire asked: “Is this woman really suitable for public life?”





Picture credit: Press Association

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