Tory MP Alan Mak still stuck on ‘strong and stable’ script

Written by Rod Muir on 12 June 2017 in Diary

BBC presenter Simon McCoy laughed at him.

Most Tories are now agreed that Theresa May’s sterile repetition of the strong and stable mantra throughout the general election campaign might have backfired and turned the soundbite into a joke.

But not the Conservative MP for Havant, it seems.

Alan Mak appeared on the BBC News channel to defend of the prime minister’s position in the wake of her disastrous election result.

Three and a half minutes in, the ambitious backbencher said: “Our job is to make sure we form a strong and stable government to make sure we deliver for the people. Our job is to provide certainty.”

But BBC presenter Simon McCoy was having none of it. He asked scornfully: “Are you really still saying strong and stable?”

Mak ploughed on, twice arguing May the Conservatives were aiming to "govern in the interest of the whole country” and to “govern in the national interest" by striking a deal with the DUP.

But the BBC presenter remained unconvinced by the ambitious Tory MP and proceeded to put the boot in.

He asked: "Is this a speech you have all been given to read out? Because it sounds very formulaic and very put together and not bearing much relation to the atmosphere here in Westminster, which is, let’s face it, febrile, chaotic and uncertain. We had had the Queen’s Speech delayed for the first time in history."

McCoy later added the damning epitaph: "Alan forgive me, I don’t know where you have been for the last few days."








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