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We serve a highly engaged, specialist audience with media that includes the in-house publications of Brussels, Westminster and Holyrood as well as the UK's most viewed political news website.

Our history, network and relentless pursuit of transparent and accurate journalism means our position within the political landscape is unsurpassed. People on all sides of the debate trust us to deliver the right message, at the right time, in the right way.

Our political titles are regularly referenced in PMQs and cited in the chamber by MPs during debates. In fact, hundreds of elected officials and other powerful political figures place such value on the reach of our platforms that they choose to repeatedly write for us.

Indispensable news and insight for people at the forefront of UK politics. The real time developments, award-winning journalism, and insider perspectives that PoliticsHome offers have made it the most read specialist political news source in the UK*. MPs, Peers, and other influential figures rely on its powerful content to stay ahead.

The in-house publication for the UK Parliament. Renowned for its impartiality, the publication is overseen by a cross- party advisory board. Alongside news, reviews, exclusive insights, and expert analysis, you will find must-read opinion pieces from parliamentarians.

The trusted source of critical information for influential policy makers across the EU. Powered by expert commentary from people at the heart of the EU decision-making process, it’s essential for anyone who wants to understand, and take part in, the crucial conversations driving policy in Brussels. As well as insights and analysis from Brussels and around the EU, it offers carefully curated opinions, policy debates and thought- provoking interviews. The Parliament is read and respected by people who can make a difference.

The unofficial in-house publication for Scottish Politics. Holyrood provides unrivalled insight and analysis for Scotland’s politicians and key decision-makers. Established with the opening of the Scottish Parliament in 1999, Holyrood is integral to the devolution journey and serves as a respected and independent platform to inform and impact policy and players across Scottish politics and beyond. To ensure every voice is heard, Holyrood provides impartial and equal coverage for all political parties. Read and trusted by four in five MSPs, it offers agenda-setting comment and analysis, exclusive in-depth interviews and opinion from award-winning columnists.

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Engagement campaigns that get results by connecting you to decision-makers at the heart of politics. We combine the best of a public affairs agency and creative studio with our incomparable reach and reputation in UK and EU politics so you can:

  • Communicate directly with the people who matter at the core of politics
  • Harness your narrative and make it newsworthy
  • Deliver your message in the best way to inform, inspire action and effect change
  • Build and manage your brand reputation within your target market


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