Zac Goldsmith stops being nice to Lib Dems after Nick Clegg's assault

Written by David Singleton on 31 October 2016 in Diary

The ex-Tory MP’s suspension of hostilities lasted for around 24 hours.

Zac Goldsmith kept his cool when the Liberal Democrat candidate for Richmond Park aimed a strangely low blow at the weekend.

Taking aim at Goldsmith's wallet, Sarah Olney told the Mail on Sunday: “The damaging impact of Brexit doesn’t matter as much to him as to ordinary people. With his family wealth stashed all over the world in trusts, he is cushioned from the effects.”

The Lib Dem candidate added: “The area needs an MP who understands what it means to families when things like the price of Marmite goes up.”

As some observers questioned such an attack would resonate with the wealthy voters of Richmond Park, the ex-Tory MP decided to keep things civilised.

Many hours after Olney's comments emerged, Goldsmith tweeted that he was "looking forward to seeing her on the campaign trail".





But it was a very different story as the Lib Dems unleased their former leader today.

Writing in the Evening Standard, Nick Clegg accused Goldsmith of "flouncing out as an MP".

He is then said to have predicted that voters will boot Goldsmith out of his south London seat because he no longer has the appeal of a “hip, faintly glamorous, minor royal”.

Clegg’s comments appear to have forced a strategic u-turn from Goldsmith in terms of his approach to the Lib Dems.

Rather than let it slide, he issued a stinging personal rebuke on Twitter:

“Mr Clegg, this by-election is happening because I kept my word. Your Party might be in better shape if you'd done the same.”







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