Who exactly is voting for Jeremy Corbyn to be Labour leader?

Written by David Singleton on 31 August 2016 in Diary

Poll sheds new light on the age, gender and location of those backing the Labour leader.

The Labour leadership race was looking all but over this morning as a new poll indicated that Jeremy Corbyn is home and dry.

The headline news from the YouGov poll for The Times is that a massive 62% of those eligible to vote in the contest are backing the current leader.

The survey is the first published of those entitled to vote. It shows that Corbyn leads among each part of the selectorate, but it is also notable (if not a huge suprise) that new members and recently-registered £25 supporters are his biggest fans. Indeed, the poll suggests Owen Smith would win if the electorate were restricted to people who joined the party before the 2015 election.

But what else does the poll tell us about those voting for Corbyn?





1. 50-somethings and youngsters are equally keen on Corbyn

Corbyn is often said to be riding the crest of a wave of support from young people across the country. With so many young people apparently going wild for the Labour leader, Tom Watson has warned of “old hands twisting young arms”. But the YouGov research finds that no evidence of younger members propping up the Labour leader.

Rather, the research reveals that while 61% of 18-24 year olds and 64% of 25-39 year-olds voted for Corbyn, a substantial 63% of 40-59 year-olds also backed him. Among Labour voters over 60 there is a slight drop in support to 57%.


2. Women are bigger fans than men

Corbyn's leadership rival Owen Smith may have accused him of failing to do enough to stamp out misogyny within the party, but a number of female Labour members do not seem to agree with that.

Rather, Corbyn is seeing 67% of Labour women backing him – compared to 57% of the blokes.


3. Who says only Londoners love Corbyn?

The capital is often portrayed as a Corbynite heartland, with thousands of middle class lefty liberals queuing up to support the Labour leader while those in the provinces could not care less. But the YouGov survey suggests otherwise. Some 55% of London Labour members are backing Corbyn, but the figure goes up to 63% for the north.

In the midlands/Wales, Corbyn does even better with a substantial 68% of Labour members backing him.






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