Watch: Greens skewer 'childish' Westminster rivals in new ad

Written by @singersz on 6 April 2016 in Diary

The Green party have taken aim at mainstream politicians with an amusing new party political broadcast – starring 5 year old children.

‘The not so secret life of 5-year-old politicians’ begins with a boisterous Boris declaring that he is the prime minister. From the top of the slide.

It also features David shouting about his mum, Theresa chucking dolls out of the country and Jeremy hiding from the doctors.

Meanwhile the other Jeremy is shown telling colleagues not to play with rockets. And Zac and Sadiq are busy yelling at each other in the sandpit.



The ad was created by Creature of London, which also made last year’s film showing the leaders of the main political parties as a boy band.

According to the Greens, the broadcast positions them as "the only true alternative to the establishment parties, who offer more of the same childish Punch and Judy politics".



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