Voters say Jeremy Corbyn is like a Toyota Prius… or a stray dog

Written by David Singleton on 7 September 2017 in Diary

The car is more commonly associated with celebrities such as Larry David.

The environmentally-friendly Toyota Prius has long been the vehicle of choice for Seinfield creator and Curb Your Enthusiasm protagonist Larry David.

"We’re Prius drivers, we’re a special breed," a disgruntled David once said when a fellow Prius driver failed to wave back at him.

The Prius is said to also be popular among other members of Hollywood’s elite, including Cameron Diaz, Demi Moore, Harrison Ford and Matt Damon.

And it happens to be the car that voters in the UK associate with Jeremy Corbyn, according to the latest research by pollsters Britain Thinks.

But, alas, not because of its links to top Hollywood actors.

Rather, the pollsters were told: "Kind of ugly-looking car but they do good for the world."





When Britain Thinks asked what Corbyn would be if he were an animal, voters went for a dog: "He’s a bit like a stray dog with no owner. Just scruffy."

The pollsters concluded: "Corbyn is admired for his integrity and authenticity but doesn’t look like a leader and wasn’t considered strong enough."

It did not get any better for Theresa May with swing voters seeing the prime minister as "a proven failure who was just waiting to be replaced".

The pollsters found that if May was an animal, she would be a rabbit. One voter said: "I just feel that she’s frozen in the spotlight. She looks tired and not particularly effective, like a rabbit in the headlights."

Meanwhile if May was a car she would be a Robin Reliant, because "the fascination is that it doesn’t tip over - it keeps going against the odds".




Picture by: Victoria Jones/PA Wire/PA Images.


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