The UN's belated action isn't good enough

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We can hope that the no-fly zone will make the difference. But had the UN acted earlier, needless deaths in Libya could have been avoided

Rejoice! The UN Security Council has actually decided to act. Ok, so it took them a long time to reach this conclusion (a conclusion that any right thinking person reached weeks ago). But hey, they got there in the end! Isn't that what counts?


But don't take my word for it. Just ask all those who died needlessly while the UN twiddled its fingers. Their silence says it all.

As I wrote previously, the UN has failed Libya. And belated action doesn't detract from that failure.

Let's hope the no-fly zone achieves its objective. But let's also take a moment to consider that that objective might very well have been achieved already had the UN acted in the first instance.

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