Union chief chastised for ‘disrespectful’ Blair attack

Written by @singersz on 31 August 2015 in Diary

A union boss has come under fire for calling Tony Blair a “neo-liberal, multi-millionaire, war-mongerer” with nothing useful to say about the Labour leadership race.

The Unite union’s political director Jennie Formby tweeted the controversial comment after Blair’s latest intervention in the contest.

This morning, she was taken to task by Michael Dugher, chair of Andy Burnham's leadership bid. The Labour MP said Formby's posturing was "disrespectful" to the former prime minister.

Writing in The Observer, Blair acknowledged that appeals from himself and other ex-leaders appeared only to fuel support for Jeremy Corbyn.

“In the Alice in Wonderland world this parallel reality has created, it is we who are backward looking for pointing out that the Corbyn programme is exactly what we fought and lost on 30 years ago.”

Burnham responded to the former PM’s latest intervention by saying Blair deserved to be heard:

“Tony Blair won three general elections for Labour. If we have got to a point now where the Labour Party says it doesn’t want to listen to him then I think we have lost the plot.”

Burnham's comments suggest a shift from his previous position, coming weeks after he criticised Blair for making “dire predictions” about what would happen to the party under a Corbyn leadership.

Formby made it clear she preferred Burnham's first approach...



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