Two fingers to you, my lord

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Baroness Trumpington uses an eloquent gesture to show just what she thinks of colleagues making reference to her age

Lord King of Bridgewater, making a rather self-congratulatory speech about the passing of the wartime generation in the Lords on Thursday, turned and gestured to his colleague Baroness Trumpington to illustrate his point about the extreme age of WW2 veterans.

Baroness Trumpington, an 89-year-old Conservative life peer who served in naval intelligence at Bletchley Park during the second world war, showed him just what she thought of such a patronising reference with a simple hand gesture.

Watch her in action:

What a heroine! No one will dare patronise her again, and quite right too. She's far more the embodiment of the wartime spirit than Lord King with his waffle.

Many thanks to my excellent colleague Grant Tucker for the tip-off

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