Tory MP Philip Davies backs Donald Trump for president

Written by Rod Muir on 29 September 2016 in Diary

The endorsement came as the BBC Trust ruled that Davies could be called ‘shit for brains’ on TV.

Conservative MP Philip Davies has declared that he would vote for Donald Trump “in a heartbeat” if he was an American.

The MP for Shipley said he was turned off by the fact Hilary Clinton kept “going on about the fact that she is a woman”.

In an article for the Heat Street website run by former Tory MP Louise Mensch, he also stated:

“People are fed up of being told what they can and cannot think and what they can and cannot say. I think that we should celebrate politicians who stand up and say things that are unpopular and controversial.”

He added: “It takes real guts to say unpopular and controversial things – and sometimes they really need to be said!”

But unhappily for Davies, his endorsement coincided with the BBC Trust rejecting his complaint about a comedian calling him various rude names.

Davies came under fire in two editions of Russell Howard’s Good News and managed to get a clarification published on the BBC’s website.  But the Trust has now concluded that “those in the public eye, such as politicians” should “expect robust criticism”.

The Trump-supporting Tory MP had variously been described as an “arsehole”, “wanker”, “toad-faced hypocrite”, “windbag” and a “shit for brains”.



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