Tory donor calls Jeremy Corbyn 'a tw*t' live on the BBC

Written by Josh May on 26 July 2017 in Diary

“We’ll definitely leave it there."

Charlie Mullins, the boss of Pimlico Plumbers, is one of the Conservatives’ more visible supporters.

His website is peppered with pictures of him posing with Cabinet ministers, and he has given the party more than £30,000.

And he was on Radio 4’s World at One programme this lunchtime to talk about the Supreme Court’s ruling on employment tribunals.

It was a joint appearance with Dave Prentis, the head of the Unison union which brought the successful case against the Government.

There was a heated discussion about the rights and wrongs of asking workers to pay to take their complaints to a court (Mullins was opposed; Prentis, unsurprisingly, was in favour).

Then Wato presenter Martha Kearney asked Prentis about the Labour leadership’s opposition to remaining a member of the single market. The union boss gave a very political answer.

Mullins, though, was somewhat less diplomatic.

“Of course we should be staying in, but Jeremy Corbyn’s a twat, isn’t he?”

Cue a hasty apology from Kearney: “We’ll definitely leave it there. Apologies to Jeremy Corbyn for the language used.”

Watch below:



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