Tory anger as Labour’s Mike Gapes brands PM ‘Theresa the appeaser’

Written by David Singleton on 30 January 2017 in Diary

Also in the Commons, Dennis Skinner compared Donald Trump to Hitler.

At this morning’s lobby briefing, journalists demanded to know why Donald Trump was getting the red carpet treatment so soon after his inauguration.  

As one hack put it to Number 10: “Why was the state visit invitation issued so quickly when normally presidents have to wait a few years?”

As MPs discussed Trump’s controversial travel ban this afternoon, Labour’s Mike Gapes had a similar enquiry to put to Boris Johnson. But with more incendiary language.

He demanded to know: “Why on Earth has Theresa the Appeaser got him here within a few months?”

It comes as hundreds of Brits have expressed disappointment in the prime minister by using the hashtag #TheresaTheAppeaser on Twitter.



in the Commons, Tory MPs erupted with anger at Gapes and the foreign secretary backed up his colleagues.

He fumed: “I do find it distasteful to make comparisons between the elected leader of a great democracy and 1930s tyrants. I think it is inappropriate.”

But as Johnson complained about inappropriate World War II comparisons, Labour sources were quick to point out that the top Tory has himself made the odd inappropriate World War II comparisons.

Johnson was widely criticised in the EU referendum campaign after he claimed the EU has the same goal as Hitler. More recently, he appeared to implicitly compare the French president Francois Hollande to a Nazi.

Also in the Commons today, Labour’s Dennis Skinner recalled hiding under the stairs as Hitler and Mussolini were bombing Britain.

He added: “Now this government is hand-in-hand with another fascist, Trump. Do the decent thing and ban the visit! This man is not fit to walk in the footsteps of Nelson Mandela!”

The foreign secretary questioned whether Mussolini had bombed Britain, before rejecting the Labour MP’s comparison.





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