Tom Watson on song for Labour as party unveils referendum poster

Written by David Singleton on 7 June 2016 in Diary

Labour's deputy leader took to the mic in a dig at Simply Red singer Mick Hucknall.

Jeremy Corbyn and Angela Eagle were today treated to a suprisingly tender rendition of the Simply Red classic ‘Holding Back The Years’.

Tom Watson burst into song at the launch event for a new poster from the Labour In for Britain campaign.

The Labour leader and shadow first secretary of state could only look on in bewildered awe as the deputy leader crooned through the opening lines: "Holding back the years, thinking of the fear I’ve had so long."

Watson was responding to Mick Hucknall after the Simply Red singer and former Labour donor criticised Corbyn for failing to "fully commit" to the Labour campaign for remain. Writing on Twitter on Monday evening, Hucknall accused the Labour leader of being "a shabby, spineless coward".



Labour's new poster highlights the workers’ rights which Labour claims will be at risk from a Brexit vote.

It seeks to hammer home the central argument in Corbyn's recent speech, when he warned that Brexit under the Conservatives could result in a deregulatory free-for-all. "Everything they have done as a Government so far means we could not rely on them to protect the workplace rights that millions rely on," he said last week.

Responding to the poster today, Vote Leave chair Gisela Stuart said: "The Labour Party has a proud history of fighting for and securing workers rights - so I am deeply disappointed to see my party belittling what we have achieved. The suggestion that the only reason we have protections in this country is because of the EU is insulting to all the people who have campaigned for these rights here in the UK."

The Labour MP added: "'Workers rights are only meaningful if you have a job - the EU's record shows it has become a job-destruction machine. The EU has imposed austerity packages on its own member states forcing privatisation, welfare cuts and unemployment. In Greece, more than half young people are still jobless."






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