Tom Watson gets conference cold shoulder from Len McCluskey

Written by David Singleton on 26 September 2017 in Diary

The pair bumped into each other in Brighton - and it did not go well.

After some mild turbulence last year, the relationship between Labour’s leader and deputy leader appears to be running smoothly again.

Jeremy Corbyn and Tom Watson are now said to be regularly texting each other – and not just to talk politics.

“Labour's leader and deputy exchanging pleasantries as well as discussing politics and strategy, is a sign of improving relations,” stated Daily Mirror associate editor Kevin Maguire in a recent column for Total Politics.

Alas there are no such improvements to report in the relationship between Watson and his former flatmate, Unite general secretary Len McLuskey.

Having previously accused Watson of undermining Corbyn and trying to control Unite’s leadership election, McCluskey recently told Pienaar’s Politics he was “genuinely sad to have lost Tom’s friendship”.

But not sad enough to try to make up with him when the pair bumped into each other on the Brighton sea front…

According to an account in the POLITICO London Playbook email memo, McCluskey was strolling down the promenade with Daily Mirror editor Peter Willis.

When they unexpectedly encountered Watson, the Labour deputy leader stopped to smile and shake hands with the Mirror man, saying: “Hello Peter.”

He did not get a chance to exchange any pleasantries with McCluskey, who kept on walking and never looked back.



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