Theresa May says she is ‘strong’ more than 30 times in an hour

Written by David Singleton on 26 April 2017 in Diary

As Jeremy Corbyn quotes Ed Miliband… and Tony Blair.

Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn deployed a steady stream of soundbites as they locked horns at the last Prime Minister’s Questions before June’s general election.

The prime minister was quick to use her “strong and stable leadership” campaign slogan at the outset of the session.

She went on to crowbar the “strong and stable” line into her answers nine times in total. And she used the word "strong" a total of 31 times in the session, which lasted just under an hour.

At one point, the prime minister appeared to be simply reading a script prepared by Lynton Crosby who has been hired to run the Tory campaign.

Laying into Corbyn, she said: “Every vote for him is a vote to weaken our economy; every vote for me is a vote for a strong economy with the benefits felt by everyone across the country.

“Every vote for him is a vote for a coalition of chaos, a weak leader propped up by the Liberal Democrats and the Scottish nationalists; every vote for me is a vote for strong and stable leadership in the national interest, building a stronger and more secure future for this country.”





For his part, Corbyn also fell back on now-familiar rhetoric as he borrowed one of Tony Blair’s favourite soundbites. "Strong leadership is about standing up for the many, not the few," he told the prime minister.

The Labour leader then echoed Ed Miliband when he said: “Strong leadership is about standing up for the many, not the few – but when it comes to the prime minister and the Conservatives they only look after the richest, not the rest.

“They are strong against the weak and weak against the strong,”

In 2015, Miliband said of David Cameron: “He is strong at standing up to the weak, but he's always weak when it comes to standing up to the strong.”

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