Revealed: George Osborne's violent death wish for Theresa May

Written by David Singleton on 13 September 2017 in Diary

The former chancellor allegedly wants the PM 'chopped up in bags' in his freezer.

It’s an open secret that George Osborne is not a huge fan of Theresa May.

The former chancellor described the prime minister as a “dead woman walking” in the aftermath of June’s general election.

Since then the politician-turned-Evening Standard editor has overseen a series of scathing editorials expressing his disapproval of a headlong rush into Brexit.

One particularly brutal leader last month stated: "Like the living dead in a second-rate horror film, the premiership of Theresa May staggers on oblivious."

But that’s just the half of it, according to an explosive new profile of Osborne in Esquire. The piece by Ed Caesar states:

"When I met him at the Standard this past spring, he was polite enough about the prime minister. But according to one staffer at the newspaper, Osborne has told more than one person that he will not rest until she ‘is chopped up in bags in my freezer’."

Osborne’s office is yet to comment on the claim from an anonymous source. But the former chancellor is quoted in the profile as saying he no longer cares about offending anyone.

"I was perfectly used as chancellor to being controversial and to people having strong views about me, positive and negative, but I thought at the time: I'm in this job, and I'm paid to make decisions, and I'm going to make the best judgement calls I can. I take the same approach to journalism.

"I'm paid to produce a paper that has attitude and gives voice to people whose voices are not being heard, and I don't really give a damn if some are offended by that."




Picture by: Matt Cardy/PA Wire/PA Images

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