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When Clegg visited, we had to take down our poster advertising his biography in case it made him look too egotistical

If you come along to the TP stand at Lib Dem conference, you’ll notice we have a large poster of Nick Clegg next to it advertising Chris Bowers’ biography of the Lib Dem leader.

Yesterday afternoon, though, when Nick Clegg visited the exhibitors' hall, we were asked to take the poster down for the duration of his visit. It seems that party staffers didn’t want to risk their leader being snapped standing next to a giant picture of his own face – it would make him look a bit big-headed, I suppose.

Once he’d gone, we put the poster back up for everyone to enjoy. But this little incident is yet another reminder (and there are lots here in Birmingham, from the increased security to the larger-than-ever numbers of media present) that the Lib Dems are now a party of government, and are having to adjust their mindset accordingly.

Three, maybe even two, conferences ago, how it might look to be photographed with a giant image of his own face would never have been a consideration for a Liberal Democrat leader. How times have changed.

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