PMQs: OMG! TOWIE in the Commons

Written by Lucy on 21 March 2012 in News
It's finally happened - the prime minister has totes quoted The Only Way is Essex. The Speaker was well jel

The Speaker looked 'well jel' after the prime minister took a swipe at Bercow's "kaleidoscope queen" comment at PMQs today.

Shuuut up! I know right.

Yes, it's finally happened. Reality TV phenomenon The Only Way is Essex has made its way into the Commons chamber.

It started quite innocently. Conservative MP Robert Halfon was boasting about his constituency of Harlow's business rate growth.

And David Cameron couldn't resist showing off how avidly he has been watching his zeitgeist tapes. He of 'the fastest milkman in the west' fame, agreed with Halfon – adding: "The Only Way is Essex."

Oh my gawd, said Twitter.

Unfortunately though, it seems the prime minister's enthusiastic knowledge of pop culture is not returned.

In one episode of TOWIE, two people tanned a shade of orange had the following exchange:

: “What are your interests then?”

Joey Essex: “Politics.”

Lucy: “Who’s the prime minister then?”

Joey Essex: “Well, they don’t teach me that.”

They do teach the prime minister about Joey Essex though.

Unfortunately, the shadow of the TV show about boobs, vajazzles and bling did not end there.

Cameron was well bitchy about the Speaker's tribute to the queen as well.

While Bercow thought his description of Her Majesty as a "kaleidoscope queen" was 'reem', it seems the PM does not agree.

Talking ahead of his chancellor's Budget, Cameron said: "This is, if you like Mr Speaker, a kaleidoscope Budget."

Bercow managed to laugh it off though. "I am so encouraged that the PM is using my language," he replied.

Even Ed Miliband received a little of the TOWIE stardust (and I am not talking about cosmetic enhancements).

The Conservative benches crowed about the leader of the opposition turning up to a football match in a Rolls Royce when he was supposed to be sick.

Cameron shook his head, admitting that "we do have a problem of a sick-note culture" and that "sometimes it can go to the very top".

"What was it that first attracted him to the multi-million pound owner of the Hull football club?" the PM asked.

 'That was well out of order,' Miliband could have replied.

Or 'You doughnut' would have been an ok retort from the Labour leader.

But I'm not sure that Ed Miliband watches The Only Way is Essex - or reality TV in general.

After Big Brother, I think he went off the genre entirely.

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