Philip Hammond was ‘such good kisser’, says former school friend

Written by Rod Muir on 23 November 2016 in Diary

Newsnight film spills the beans on early life of ‘Spreadsheet Phil'.

Former school friends of Philip Hammond have compared him to Johnny Depp and branded him a good kisser.

BBC Newsnight tracked down a number of former pals of the chancellor - now known ‘Spreadsheet Phil’ - as he prepares to deliver the autumn statement in the Commons.

Nina Stratford told the programme that she once shared a "cheeky snog" with Hammond after drinking sherry in his bedroom.

She said: "I remember going round to his house once. We got hold of half a bottle of sherry and proceeded to drink it, and very randomly we ended up having a bit of a cheeky snog.

"Who'd have thought that Philip Hammond was such a good kisser?"





TV presenter Richard Madeley was also in Hammond’s year at Shenfield School in Brentwood.

He described Hammond as "like Johnny Depp back in his pomp" and said he was the most popular boy in their year group.

Madeley added: "He had very long jet-black hair that fell down in to crows wings to his shoulders. 

"He invariably came to school in a long black leather trenchcoat. Phil was very friendly and popular. The guys liked him. We would seek him out for conversation because he was very bright and was very politically switched on. 

"He was very very bright. He put his big boots on the desk and start reading the Telegraph and swapping political dialogue with our history teacher who was a Guardian reader.

"And usually towards the end of the class they would swap papers and then they would sort of score jolly points off each other making political points.

"He barely needed to pay attention he sucked it up by osmosis. He think he got straight A's'."







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