Nigel Farage hands over Ukip reins to Diane James

Written by David Singleton on 16 September 2016 in Diary

Kippers pick sensible option to replace flamboyant frontman.

Ukip members have chosen a 56-year-old businesswoman from Surrey as their leader as the party’s future hangs in the balance.

Diane James comfortably won the race to succeed Nigel Farage, despite failing to take part in many of the party's leadership hustings around the country.

While Farage made his name as a controversial and flamboyant frontman who loved the media spotlight, James is seen as a safe and sensible pair of hands who is less comfortable with the glare of the TV camera.

The new leader faces a significant challenge to hold the party together now that Brexit has been achieved and Farage is gone. And possibly plotting to set up a rival party.

After Ukip members gave her the thumbs up, James demonstrated her prowess... in waving.





She also indicated that she wants to put the internal bickering aside behind and focus on improving the party's electoral fortunes.

"Professionalism...will be top of my agenda. If we are going to reach and achieve the goals this party is still capable of achieving then change is going to have to happen," she said.

"It’s not going to be change because I ought to change it when I can’t justify it, it’s going ot be because change is necessary and justified and the caveat and what is behind that will be to provide and make sure we have a winning political machine under my leadership."

And she had a warning for Theresa May.

“Mrs May, you’re now looking and if you’re watching TV this afternoon, you’ll be watching the opposition party in waiting.  And Mrs May, from one grammar school girl to another, stop the faff, stop the fudge and the farce – get on with it, invoke Article 50 and give Ukip the best Christmas they could ever have.

"We’re going to confound our critics, we’re going to outwit our opponents, we’re going to build on our the electoral success we’ve achieved to date and do more and I’ve said we are the opposition party in waiting so watch out."  



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