Nigel Farage faces angry heckler as he campaigns in Birmingham

Written by David Singleton on 31 May 2016 in Diary

"Immigrants built this city and you want to send them back."

Nigel Farage was confronted by a persistent hackler as he hit the campaign trail in Birmingham.

As he visited the midlands city, the Ukip leader claimed on Twitter that the "enthusiasm to Leave EU here in Birmingham is incredible".

But not everyone was on the same page as the long-serving Brexiteer.  One man followed Farage as he walked around town and told him: "This city wouldn’t be what it is without immigrants. Immigrants built Birmingham…. Immigrants built this city and you want to send them back."

As he was shouted down by the heckler, the Ukip leader could only complain: “You don’t want to listen matey.”

Farage then entered into a discussion with the heckler about how much he was paid for being an MEP.

Heckler: “How much money do you take from the EU every year?

Farage: “The same salary as everyone else

Heckler: “How much is that?”

Farage: “About 80,000 quid.”

Heckler: “How often do you attend? Do you actually do anything?”

Farage: “I speak more than almost every other British Politician.”



The BBC has reported that man challenging Farage in Birmingham was "a local Labour activist" called Luke Holland.

Meanwhile, a planned visit by Farage to Northampton town centre was cancelled after around 30 protestors turned up at the venue.

The UKIP leader had been due to give a speech from a bus in the town in support of the Leave EU drive on Tuesday afternoon.

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