Nicola Sturgeon to speak out about alien invasion on BBC

Written by David Singleton on 24 May 2016 in Diary

Radio 4 adaptation of classic John Wyndham novel will feature Scottish first minister as herself.

Nicola Sturgeon has had a few issues to deal with since replacing Alex Salmond in 2014. But the SNP leader and Scottish first minister will soon face her biggest challenge yet – as she becomes the first ever politician to get to grips with an alien invasion.

Radio 4 is set to broadcast an adaptation of John Wyndham’s classic science fiction novel The Kraken Wakes, in which Sturgeon will play herself.

The novel describes escalating phases of what appears to be an invasion of Earth by aliens. In the original book by Wyndham, the government moves to Harrogate and journalist survivors move to Cornwall and use the English Broadcasting Corporation.

In crime writer Val McDermid’s version, survivors move to the Scottish Highlands and use the Scottish Broadcasting Corporation. As well as Sturgeon, The Kraken Wakes also stars Paul Higgins and Tamsin Greig.

McDermid, who is a supporter of the SNP, told the Radio Times: “In the book, the protagonists take themselves off to Cornwall, but if the water rose that high, there isn’t going to be a Cornwall.

“The part of the UK that’s going to have most of it left is Scotland, so I thought that rather than it be the English Broadcasting Corporation that reports on the disaster, as it is in the book, it made more sense for it to be the SBC, and I thought it would be quite amusing to see if Nicola would play herself.”

The SNP leader has already recorded her part calmly broadcasting instructions to the survivors of the alien invasion. And McDermid has given it a cautious thumbs up.

She said: “There are pitfalls, because however natural politicians sound, they’re not actors, but she delivers her lines very well.”

Episode one of The Kraken Wakes is broadcast on BBC Radio 4 on Saturday 28 May at 14:30.



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