Louise Mensch's rock and roll past

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A video surfaces showing the now-Conservative MP and bestselling novelist Lousie Mensch when she worked for the MTV progamme Headbanger's Ball

Louise Mensch has already been completely open about her rock and roll past, admitting that it was "highly probable" that she took drugs while she worked for record label EMI. The rumours first surfaced during the phone hacking scandal last month, when Mensch was part of the committee that questions James and Rupert Murdoch. It has been suggested that investigative journalists got in touch with her about pictures of her past to try and dissuade her from pursuing her attacks on phone hacking.

If that's the case, the sense of humour she's shown in making it public herself, and now acknowledging and laughing at this video on Twitter, could be an example to other MPs and public figures who have been intimidated by the press.

Take a look for yourself, and decide if having this in the public domain affects your opinion of Louise in a negative way:

(Hat tip to Amber Elliott for the spot on Louise Mensch's own Twitter).

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