Lord Heseltine calls out the three ‘brilliant’ Brexiteers

Written by David Singleton on 11 October 2016 in Diary

Watch: Tory grandee’s voice was laced with sarcasm as he described Boris Johnson, Liam Fox and David Davis.

In his Labour conference speech, Jeremy Corbyn called them a “three-legged team of fractious Brexiteers”.

Former Tory minister Nick Herbert said that they more resemble “three blind mice” stumbling around the world with inconsistent messages on how to leave the EU.

And chancellor Philip Hammond is even said to have given warnings in private about the trio’s “bull in a china shop” antics.

But what does arch-Europhile Lord Heseltine make of Boris Johnson, Liam Fox and David Davis?

Appearing before the business select committee, the former deputy prime minister opted for a more sarcastic line of attack.

He told the committee: "We have three ministers now in charge, a brilliant set of appointments in my view because they can come up with the answers which have escaped me.”

The Tory grandee then made it clear via his facial expression that he was not really convinced…

Sitting alongside Lord Heseltine was fellow anti-Brexit campaigner and former chancellor George Osborne, who laughed openly.

Lord Heseltine then picked up where he left off: “If there are all these markets that have escaped the attention of British exporters, it will be marvellous to have it pointed out to them by the new minister responsible.”





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