Lib Dem anger over Beecroft grows stronger

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It seems the Conservatives' coalition partners are not convinced by Adrian Beecroft's work on removing employment protection

Lib Dem criticism for Tory donor Adrian Beecroft's report just keeps coming.

One Lib Dem MP described Adrian Beecroft's work as "frankly shit" when I asked about it.

They suggested there was very little research and it was just a "rant" by the venture capitalist.

"That was after I'd got through all the spelling and grammar errors," they added.

Their comments come after business secretary Vince Cable criticised the proposal that makes it easier for businesses to sack under-performing workers.

Cable said it was "the wrong approach" and warned that it could "scare the wits" out of people.

Former Lib Dem Treasury spokesman Lord Oakeshott of Seagrove Bay described it as the "economics of the madhouse".

Other proposals in the report include delaying the introduction of flexible working for parents, abandoning plans for all employees to request flexible working and removing some restrictions on employing children.

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