Labour shadow minister attacks Jeremy Corbyn. Or was it Jeremy Hunt?

Written by Dods staff on 31 July 2017 in Diary

‘We’ve got two Jeremys in this conversation, haven’t we?’

A Labour front bencher has come up with a novel way of rowing back on criticism of Jeremy Corbyn – by claiming to be talking about Jeremy Hunt.

Shadow health minister Barbara Keeley appeared to put the boot squarely into her leader during an interview on 5Live.

Presenter Nicky Campbell had put it to the Labour MP: "Jeremy Corbyn has been explicit in saying that freedom of movement must end. That puts us up the creek without a paddle doesn’t it?”

To which Keeley seemed to agree: "Well it makes the situation worse… it’s a strange thing that he said that."

The shadow minister went on to talk about problems in the NHS, but when asked about her criticisms of Corbyn things got rather confusing.





Campbell: "I didn’t expect you to come on and criticise your leader… have you said to him ‘what the hell did you say that for, that’s a strange thing to say’? Did you say that to him?"

Keeley: "Look, look, you’ve confused me about Jeremys this morning. We’ve got two Jeremys in this conversation, haven’t we?"

Campbell: "You might want to clarify that then. Because I mentioned that your leader was explicit that freedom of movement must end and you said that’s a strange thing to say."

Keely: "Sorry, I thought you were talking about Jeremy Hunt."



Picture credit: Press Association.



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