Labour publishes its 'radical and responsible' £48bn manifesto

Written by David Singleton on 16 May 2017 in Diary

The manifesto commits to spending lots of money and nationalising lots of industries.

Labour has become the first of the major parties to publish its manifesto ahead of the general election on 8 June.

After last week’s leak, the final 124-page document has been released and is available here. Labour has also produced a seven-page document explaining how it will pay for the plans.

Jeremy Corbyn's party would scrap university tuition fees, end the public sector pay cap, introduce free childcare and invest an extra £7.7bn in health and social care.

The manifesto also commits to nationalising several industries, including the railways, Royal Mail, water companies and energy supply networks.

The various Labour pledges would cost a total of cost £48.6bn. To pay for the plans, income tax would increase to 45p for people earning over £80,000 and and 50p for those on more than £123,000.





Launching the document, Corbyn said: "People want a country run for the many not the few. That is because for the last seven years our people have lived through the opposite; a Britain run for the rich, the elite and the vested interests. They have benefitted from tax cuts and bumper salaries while millions have struggled.

“Whatever your age or situation, people are under pressure, struggling to make ends meet. Our manifesto is for you.

"Parents worrying about the prospects for their children and anxious about the growing needs of their own elderly parents. Young people struggling to find a secure job and despairing of ever getting a home of their own. Children growing up in poverty. Students leaving college burdened with debt. Workers who have gone years without a real pay rise coping with stretched family budgets.

"Labour’s mission, over the next five years, is to change all that. Our manifesto spells out how. With a programme that is radical and responsible."

But the Conservatives claimed that "Corbyn’s nonsensical ideas simply don’t add up". A Tory source added: "This may be Jeremy Corbyn’s manifesto – but the costings behind it are pure Diane Abbott."

The Lib Dems pointed out that the manifesto confirms that Labour will not campaign to maintain membership of the single market. "Jeremy Corbyn ordered his MPs to vote in favour of Article 50 despite the Government making no concessions to them whatsoever. Now they are failing to stand up for our membership of the Single Market and refusing to give you the final say over the Brexit deal," said shadow first secretary of state Alistair Carmichael.

Green party co-leader Caroline Lucas branded it "bad on climate change" and "weak on Europe". However Lucas said she was also pleased to see "many" of her parties’ policies in the Labour manifesto.





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