Labour MP Ian Murray reveals strict one spoon policy

Written by David Singleton on 29 April 2016 in Diary

The Shadow Scotland secretary demonstrated that politicians can ‘speak human’ after all.

A Labour MP has spoken out about sounding like Basil Fawlty, stealing towels from a posh hotel – and why he only owns one teaspoon.

Shadow Scotland secretary Ian Murray talked candidly to The House magazine for the first instalment of new series in which the politicians are not allowed to touch on politics.

In conversation with political journalist Serena Cowdy, Murray revealed that he used to do impersonations of Basil Fawlty.

“When I was growing up, the local video shop was just round the corner. And every time I was sent to get a video I always came back with a Fawlty Towers trilogy. I was obsessed with Fawlty Towers. At primary school we used to do Christmas shows, and I always used to do a sketch from Fawlty Towers.”

Asked if he had ever stolen anything, the Labour politician made a dramatic confession:

“Actually, I once stole a set of towels from the Hilton Hotel in London, when I was about 15. I smuggled them out in my case. They were fantastic towels.”

But Murray’s most intriguing line came after his interviewer observed that he did not seem very interested in material things. He told her:

“I’m so unmaterialistic I only own one teaspoon. Two flats, one teaspoon. Why have 75 teaspoons? Although sometimes it’s not ideal. I want a cup of tea and I spend 25 minutes looking for the teaspoon.”

Read the full piece here.

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