Labour MP channels his inner Harry Enfield: There’s loadsamoney!

Written by Rod Muir on 1 September 2017 in Diary

Jared O’Mara said he knows where the magic money tree is.

During the general election campaign Theresa May seemed to enjoy repeatedly telling the nation that "there isn't a magic money tree".

But the newly-elected Labour MP for Sheffield Hallam has said there is one - and he knows exactly where it is.

Jared O’Mara told Channel 4 News: "If you want to know where this magic money tree is, as the soundbite that the Conservatives used, well, quite simply, it’s in tax evasion woods and tax avoidance forest. There’s loadsamoney."





The left wing MP added: "We’ve got a GDP of 2.69 billion – that’s more than Spain and Australia’s GDPs combined, more than twice the GDP of Russia. We’ve got loadsamoney….there’s loadsamoney."

O’Mara, who has cerebral palsy, was highlighting the government’s poor record on upholding disabled people’s rights – as recently exposed in a report by the UN committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

Of course, O’Mara had meant to say we have a GDP of £2.69 trillion.

It’s not clear whether he had meant to sound like a certain Harry Enfield character...






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