Labour councillor says Pride marchers are paedophiles… and God has her back

Written by David Singleton on 31 July 2017 in Diary

Anyone who disagrees with Chika Amadi will 'provoke God's wrath'.

The Labour party has suspended a London councillor who has used Twitter to put out a series of extraordinary and offensive statements.

Chika Amadi has been a Labour councillor on Harrow Council since 2014.

She is also an evangelical Christian pastor - and one of the main speakers at the five-day long 'Jesus Festival 2017' which takes place in north London next month.





Cllr Amadi is accused of having posted anti-LGBT messages without anyone noticing for many years.

But this week she upped the ante when sharing a fake news story about marchers ‘traumatising’ little girls with nudity.

The story was first published on anti-LGBT Christian website LifeSiteNews, along with a misleading viral photo from seven years ago.

Commenting on the fake news, Amadi wrote: "Nothing but paedophilia being labelled liberalism adults polluting children with their senselessness."

And when accused of homophobia, she suggested that those challenging her were “evil” and “expired people”.



She then warned one LGBT campaigner: “You did not vote me in and You cannot remove me. Keep your mouth where your money is. Keep busy and stop nosing around.”

A spokesman for Harrow Labour said: “The tweets and Facebook messages from Chika Amadi are being taken seriously and are being investigated. Action will be taken.”

A Labour Party spokesperson later said: “Chika Amadi has been suspended from the Labour Party pending an investigation.”

But Labour had better watch out. Cllr Amadi has also warned her opponents that they “provoke God's wrath” and she will hit back “in the name of the Lord of Host”....



Tory MP Margot James had earlier urged the Labour hierarchy to withdraw the whip to “reflect the seriousness” of Amadi’s comments.

“These homophobic comments by a sitting Labour Councillor are completely unacceptable and wrong,” she said.




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