Keira Knightley urges young people to stop Brexiteers ‘fucking with your future’

Written by David Singleton on 14 June 2016 in Diary

Watch: Celebrity stars in punchy new ad by pro-EU campaign group We Are Europe.

Top British film star Keira Knightley has urged young people to use their vote in the EU referendum – in order to "stop others fucking with your future".

The Pirates of the Caribbean star is the latest celebrity to feature in an advert by the campaign group We Are Europe.

The group is committed to increasing voter turnout among young people in a bid to drive up support for the Remain campaign ahead of the referendum on June 23.

In the 32 second film, Knightley makes a series of facial expressions and notes that it "only takes five seconds to practice the perfect awards face".

Gripping a marker pen, she adds: "And it takes five seconds to mark an X in a ballot box. Five seconds to stop others fucking with your future."

The spot ends with Knightley drawing a large X on the screen.





On its website, We Are Europe states: “With Europe we’ve had 70 years of peace, and together we’ve led the world on issues from climate change and human rights, to the fight against global poverty…

“We’ve put up with everything from a misguided war on terror, a global recession, and unequal austerity. We’re not prepared to let an older privileged generation gamble with the EU too.

“The future is ours. Working together with our neighbours is the best way to make it better for us all. On 23rd June we’re voting to remain. We’d love you to join us.”

Other celebrities to have featured in videos by We Are Europe include fellow actor and former model Lily Cole and grime artist Big Narstie.







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