Jeremy Corbyn gets angry with reporters covering traingate row

Written by David Singleton on 24 August 2016 in Diary

The Labour leader clashed with one reporter on his doorstep and another at his press conference.

Jeremy Corbyn today expressed his frustration as a reporter demanded answers from him about the row that has become known as traingate.

The Labour leader had hoped to focus on the NHS at today’s press conference. But Sky News reporter Darren McCaffrey wanted to quiz Corbyn over his dispute with Virgin Trains.

Corbyn initially attempted to fend off the question, saying: “Can we move on please. We are discussing the NHS today. Can we have an NHS question?”

But McCaffrey pressed on: “We live in a free country. I am entitled to ask you a question I want to ask you.”

Corbyn eventually relented and said sarcastically: “It’s a really important issue this, absolutely crucial to the future of the whole nation and the NHS.”

After another dig at McCaffrey, the Labour leader suggested that he had walked past empty train seats because he had been looking for two empty seats together “so I could sit down with my wife to talk to her”.




The latest tetchy exchange came after Corbyn clashed with a BBC reporter on his doorstep the evening before.

Meanwhile, Corbyn's leadership campaign manager Sam Tarry earlier told BBC Radio 4's Today programme he believed that Richard Branson had initiated the row in order to protect his company.

He said: "The bigger story here... it is quite astonishing that a tax exile of more than 10 years decides to lay into and make a political intervention which is essentially what this is on social media in a very public way."






Picture by: Jonathan Brady/PA Wire/Press Association Images


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