Jeremy Corbyn’s landslide re-election – breakdown of the results

Written by David Singleton on 24 September 2016 in Diary

The Labour leader won comfortably in each of the three categories of Labour voters.

Jeremy Corbyn has an even bigger mandate to lead Labour than previously, having received 61.8% of the vote in the party’s leadership contest.

Last year, Corbyn was elected leader with 59.5% of first preference votes, seeing off competition from Andy Burnham, Yvette Cooper and Liz Kendall.

This year, Corbyn received 313,209 votes to Owen Smith's 193,229.

Turnout was 77.6% - up from 76.3% in last year’s contest.

Corbyn won comfortably in each of the three categories of Labour voters, but he was most emphatically backed by registered supporters who paid £25 for a vote.

  • Party members - Corbyn 59% (168,216); Smith 41% (116,960)
  • Affiliated supporters - Corbyn 60% (60,075); Smith 40% (39,670)
  • Registered supporters - Corbyn 70% (84,918); Smith 30% (36,599)



Following a three-month contest which laid bare the deep splits between Corbyn's opponents and supporters, the leader made an appeal for party unity.

He told the assembled party activists: "I will do everything I can to repay the trust and the support, to bring our party together, to make it an engine for progress in our country and the people who depend on the Labour party to protect their interest, to get power and deliver real change in this country

“Let’s wipe that slate clean from today and get on with the work we’ve got to do as a party together.”

But the rows of empty seats within the conference hall showed how many Corbyn opponents had chosen not to turn up to witness his inevitable victory.





Picture by: Danny Lawson/PA Wire/Press Association Images



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