Ivan Lewis’ push-pull relationship with Sky

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Labour’s shadow culture secretary slams his party’s relationship with the Murdoch media empire, but will appear at a Sky-sponsored event this evening

Ivan Lewis has just finished delivering an impassioned speech to the Labour conference in Liverpool, in which he sought to move Labour further away from Rupert Murdoch and News International. In what he called a “message to Mr Murdoch,” he said:

"Your newspapers and Sky TV are popular with millions of British people. Some people in our movement might find that uncomfortable but it's true.

"However – and yes conference we should have said this a long time ago – never again think you can assert political power or seek political influence in the pursuit of your commercial goals or ideological beliefs. We're not having it. This is Britain, Mr Murdoch. The integrity of our media and our politics is not for sale."

However, Lewis himself doesn’t seem to be taking his own advice. This evening he will be speaking at a Reform fringe event on ‘creative growth’ which is described as being ‘held in partnership with Sky’. His fellow panellist will be  Adam Kingsley, head of policy for Sky.

It would seem that as much as he may urge Labour to move away from Murdoch’s media empire, he himself can’t quite resist...

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