Indecisive voters have new app to help decide elections

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Stuck on who to vote for in the London Mayoral Elections? There’s now an app for that

A new app has been developed to tell voters who they should vote for in the London Mayoral election.

The online tool asks users a series of questions about policy areas, such as crime, welfare and transport and determines the most suitable candidate who addresses these needs. 

The app also has additional features that allow users to personalise their profile and compare themselves to friends.

The tool was developed by researchers at Queen Mary, University of London and London School of Economics.

The goal of the researchers was to combat voter apathy, which is an increasing trend in the UK.

“If there is more voter engagement, more people may head to the ballots as a result,” explains Dr Mario Mendez, one of the designers and a constitutional law expert at QM.

It follows a similar app called VoteMatch that was created for in 2008 and experienced a surge in popularity during the 2010 election.

The VoteMatch app has a similar aim; it is designed to assist voters in selecting the candidate that suits their views and list them in order of a user’s preference.

VoteMatch surveys users and found that one in twenty people surveyed who voted, said that they did so as a direct result of taking the quiz.

The popularity of such apps and online tools raises questions about the public’s interest in politics and how dependent we are on technology to help decide important issues. 

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