I’m nice to Tories, says Labour MP who refuses to hang out with them

Written by David Singleton on 6 September 2017 in Diary

Watch: Laura Pidcock doubled down on her previous comments.

Labour MP Laura Pidcock has insisted that she is “perfectly civil” and “nice” to Conservative MPs, even if she doesn’t want to ever socialise with them.

The recently-elected member for North West Durham recently sparked a backlash from angry Tory MPs after she called them "the enemy" and declared: "I have absolutely no intention of being friends with any of them."

In response, Conor Burns called Pidcock “narrow minded” and Nadine Dorries accused the 30-year-old MP of having a “hands-over-the-ears juvenile attitude”.

But appearing on the BBC's 5Live Daily radio programme today, Pidcock declared: "What seems to me to be odd is that I think I’m being the professional one."

The left winger went on to stress that her aversion to socialising with Tories in the evening did not mean that she was hostile to them throughout the working day.

Doubling down on her previous comments, she said: "I sit on all-party parliamentary groups, I'm perfectly civil, I'm nice, I'm friendly. But the idea that to actually get things done you've got to have these little private backroom conversations, you've got to go to the Strangers' Bar and fraternise - that's not a democratic process."

Pidcock also resisted saying anything nice about any individual Conservative MPs. Asked who her favourite Tory MP was, Pidcock said: "I don't really know many of their names. My least favourite is Jacob Rees-Mogg."









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